Distribution centre



Distribution Centre

The grounds have a spacious layout, enabling ECO combi vehicles / LHVs to access the loading docks.

The complex will be certified in accordance with BREEAM-NL Nieuwbouw (new development), the starting principle being at least an Excellent certification.

The total building will be gas-free. Heating of the warehouse via floor heating in the expedition area. The total roof will be covered with solar panels, so the tenant can use 100% green power.

  • clear stacking height of approx. 12.20 meters;
  • concrete floor with a maximum floor load of 5,000 kg / m² and a maximum point load of 9,000 kg;
  • the flatness of the concrete floor in the warehouse is in accordance with Din 15185 NEN 2747 Table 1, classification 4;
  • lighting by means of LED lighting. Average light output 200 lux (+ 1 meter);
  • certified sprinkler system type ESFR-K25



This complex is flexible and therefore designed to be sustainable. The standard design is for four corner offices on the ground floor and first floor. In addition, the intermediate units have been prepared to accommodate offices later. The offices are fitted out to a very high standard. They have daylight-dependent LED lighting with movement sensors. Heating and cooling is provided via the floor and also via a VRF (variable refrigerant flow) system, and is adjustable in each office individually. The offices have windows that can be opened, modern modular ceilings and are accessible through high (2600 mm) doors.

  • the office space may be spread over three floors;
  • floors in the entrance, hall and sanitary units fitted with ceramic tiles;
  • lighting by means of LED Lighting. Average light output is 400 lux;
  • cable ducts fitted with one double wall socket per 1.80 meters and empty ducts for data cabling



The mezzanine floor complies with the highest, modern requirements. The floor has a depth of 16.95 metres and the minimum clear height under the mezzanine floor is no less than 5.5 metres. Combined with the limited use of columns in the dispatch area, this gives the space a great deal of flexibility and freedom of movement for both horizontal and vertical transport. The maximum floor load is 800 kg/m² and the existing window strips allow the mezzanine to be readily converted into efficient office space, or space for value-added logistics. The installation of a passenger or goods lift is optional (preparatory fittings are already in place for this). The mezzanine floor also has a balustrade including a pallet gate.

  • a mezzanine floor situated above the loading and unloading zone (floor surface + 8 meters, minimum clear height under the floor is 5.5 meters), approx. 16.95 meters deep;
  • maximum floor load approx. 800 kg/m²;
  • a goods lift or passenger lift is optional;
  • the mezzanine floor has a balustrade including a tilting gate.



The outdoor space is designed in such a way that it is suitable for very intensive use. It is suitable for traffic category 45 for passenger transport and traffic category 60 for goods traffic. The space is also designed to accommodate ECO combis/LHVs. Careful attention has also been given to safety. The traffic flows of goods vehicles and cars are separated and the entire complex is surrounded by a fence to a height of 2.40 metres. As regards sustainability, the outdoor space complies with the BREEAM standard.

  • grounds suitable for traffic category 45 for passenger vehicles and traffic category 60 for goods traffic;
  • separate traffic flows for goods traffic and passenger vehicles;
  • the dimensions of and the routing on site are suitable for ECO combi vehicles / LHVs


Phase 1

Warehouse space 9,157 m² 7,006 m² 7,006 m² 9,157 m²
Office space 564 m² 0 m² 0 m² 564 m²
Mezzanine floor 1,677 m² 1,147 m² 1,147 m² 1,677 m²
Total sqm 11,398 m² 8,153 m² 8,153 m² 11,398 m²
Status Available Available Available Available


Phase 2

Warehouse space 9,330 m² 9,157 m² 9,157 m² 9,330 m²
Office space 0 m² 564 m² 564 m² 0 m²
Mezzanine floor 1,536 m² 1,677 m² 1,677 m² 1,536 m²
Total sqm 10,866.00 m² 11,398.00 m² 11,398.00 m² 10,866.00 m²
Status Available Available Available Available