The logistics hotspot

Haven 8 is readily accessible by road and water, which makes Distriport Waalwijk a uniquely accessible multimodal location. In the near future current barge terminal will be replaced by a new barge terminal with a capacity of handling ships up to class 5.


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Road access

Distriport Waalwijk is close to motorway A59 with direct access to other European motorways such as A2, A16 and A27. Only a one hour drive from several important economical centres; Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp (B) and the German "Ruhrgebiet".

Access by air

Distriport Waalwijk is situated between the three main airports in this region. Schiphol airport is 120 km away, Brussel airport 130 km and Eindhoven airport 48 km.

Access by rail

Rail terminal Brabant is 21 km away. Railport Brabant is a multifunctional rail terminal situated in Tilburg. Railport Brabant offers forwarding by rail from Tilburg to destinations throughout Europe and China. For each transport requirement we will have a solution available. Together with Barge Terminal Tilburg, Railport Brabant forms a trimodal cluster that guarantees a maximum in flexibility and transport reliability.

Barge terminal

Distriport Waalwijk is adjacent to the new to build barge terminal of Waalwijk. Medio 2019 the new barge terminal will be removed from Haven 7, to a new location on Haven 8. The current terminal, which handles about 45,000 TEU a year, is situated behind a lock, which limits the capacity of the vessels to 89 metres with a capacity of around 40 TEU per ship. The new to build barge terminal will be suitable for class V ships.

Sea harbour

Distriport Waalwijk is very good connected to the sea harbor of Rotterdam and the sea habor of Antwerp by road, rail and barge.